The science behind your sweet tooth

Or why you often reach out for that soda and piece of candy.

It's ok to go for sugarBeware of added sugarsWhat kinds of sweetness are thereSugar levels of common foodsExplore your daily sweet treats

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It's ok to go for sugar

Science also backs up your cravings for sweets. Sugar is an addictive substance that triggers dopamine release in the brain, therefore leading to feelings of pleasure.

Did you know ?

In one study, when rats are offered a sugar solution and their normal food after a fasting period, they choose to drink the sugar as soon as it is offered. In this experiment, the animals showed behaviors similar to the effects of drug abuse—going through bingeing, withdrawal and craving on this feeding schedule.

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Beware of added sugars

Added sugars include all sugars used as ingredients in processed and prepared foods such as breads, cakes, soft drinks, jams, chocolates, ice cream, and sugars eaten separately or added to foods.

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Daily calories intake


Added sugars

Limit added sugar to no more than 10 percent of daily calories.

So many kinds of sweetness


Main sweetener in soda and juices, can only be metabolized by the liver and is not necessary for survival. When we consume more fructose than our liver can process, fructose is turned into fat, contributing to weight gain.


Glucose can be metabolized by nearly every cell and requires a release of insulin into the bloodstream in order to be completely metabolized. Read more about the effects of glucose vs fructose.


Sucrose (sometimes called saccharose) is the combination of both fructose and glucose. Refined form of sucrose is commonly referred to as table sugar or just sugar.

Sugar levels in common foods

1 medium Apple

19g of sugar

12 fl oz Milkshake

34g of sugar

1/5 medium Avocado

0g of sugar

1 medium Pear

16g of sugar

1 medium Orange

12g of sugar

3/4 cup Grapes

20g of sugar

1 cup Orange Juice

21g of sugar

16 fl oz Coke

31g of sugar

1/4 cup Dried Apricots

17g of sugar

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Our team has prepared a list of healthy daily snacks to quench your sweet tooth. You can put in your information to calculate it specifically for you and also adjust the size of a serving and see exactly how much sugar and calories you are about to munch on.

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